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The story begins ...

Once upon a time, there was a young boy who started his career as real estate salesmen at the age of 19. 

After many years spent on the job, he came to realize Australia is in need of quality property management services. He saw all the real estate companies around him focusing 90% of their time and resources on sales while treating property management as the “ugly sister” of the business, always side tracked and never really appreciated.

He asked himself how can Australia’s Property Owners receive prime quality and stress-free property management services? 

And then ...


Cheers Realty

Cheers Realty became the answer to his own question; Cheers is a property management company founded in 2008 (Yes, you heard right, the Global Financial Crisis didn't stop this young man’s passion in establishing a 100% property management focused real estate company). The business was initially operated from the founder’s bedroom but he soon realized he couldn't accomplish this mission by himself, he need many more like-minded people who would share his vision and mentality; hence a year later Cheers experienced its first great expansion the founder’s young brother graduated from university and was old enough to become a property manager. The home office / bedroom then had to be equipped with a second desk

After that ...


Well know local agency

The brothers soon grew Cheers Realty to become a well-known local agency, very popular amongst the mums and dads in the neighborhood. They soon noticed that the two young men, even as motived as them, weren’t enough to catch up with the market’s growing demand for quality property management services. They have hence started seeking for other smart minds to join their family and share their success; they were lucky enough to meet a bunch of positively motivated people who shared the exact same vision as they did: a vision of well-known brand famous for its quality customer service.

Not long after


Regional Expansion

Once the Brisbane office has been well established, the founder started to search for further ways to expand the business and let more and more landlords enjoy to Cheers way.

Due to the mining boom, the choice was simple: Gladstone and Bowen.


Cheers Realty has established a new regional office in Gladstone and quickly became one of the best known agencies within the region. 

The next step


Interstate Company

In 2016, Cheers Realty has crossed the state boarders and opened a NSW Office. Cheers universal values and quality customer service received an as warm welcome in the busy city of Sydney as they did in the peaceful niche of regional Queensland. 

The Journey has only just begun

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