Corporate Rental

At Cheers we are in the business of residential property management. We manage a wide range of General Rentals, Executive Rentals, Student Rentals and Corporate Rentals.


Due to our high quality property management services, we are the chosen rental agency for many Corporate Rentals throughout Queensland.


We currently focus on mining and LNG regions particularly in Central Queensland, servicing companies such as Australia Pacific LNG (Origin, ConocoPhillips, Sinopec), Bechtel Australia, QGC, National Bank of Australia, Queensland Police Services to name a few.


We specialise in assisting our corporate clients seeking executive rentals, and have been in the business of supplying corporate rentals since our company started.


Throughout the years, we have perfected our management systems in order to best service all our corporate tenants.


We have many satisfied customers, who have chosen Cheers Realty as their go to property management agency.


With Cheers you can be guaranteed that your employees will be provided the best services and living experience.


Furthermore, we have strong links to builders and developers to have the capacity to arrange bulk rental deals and lease packages.


If your company is in need of rental accommodation, and would like to experience the Cheers difference (which would mean happy employees) then


Please Contact Us And We Can Discuss This With You Further!

Corporate Clients

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Rent collection

Our Office has zero tolerance policy in regards to rent arrears. We have appointed a dedicated staff member who follows-up on all rent collection on daily basis to prevent and avoid any rent arrears. We also want to make sure it is easy for our tenants to pay their rent; we are now accepting bank transfers, cash deposits and also credit card payments. We have teamed up with Macquarie Bank of Australia to further improve our rental payment system and further decrease rent arrears rat, which is now one of the lowest in Australia!

The rental income is disbursed to our clients either once or twice a month subject to individual selection. We are always happy to accommodate any special requests as well and can disburse the rent manually anytime required.


We know that as an investor, maintenance expenses can cause you a lot of headache, which is why we will always think twice before suggesting any repairs and also make sure that it is really required. We have dedicated team members who are highly experienced in all types of maintenance and will be able to offer you professional advice and “outside the box” solutions.

Having serviced Queensland for a number of years we have established an excellent database of reliable plumbers, electricians, handymen, and other professionals that are reliable and deliver their services at a fair price. To save you the time and hassle, we will organize all property maintenance for you but any repairs or maintenance recommendations will always be checked with you first.


Entry & Exit reports

Our goal is to make sure the tenants return the property in the same condition as they received it at the beginning of the tenancy. Before tenants move in, we carry out a thorough entry condition inspection and create a detailed entry condition report which includes hundreds of photos depicting every single corner of the property. We utilize modern software and mobile applications to make our entry report highly efficient and user friendly. 


At the end of the tenancy we carry out an exit condition inspection which is when we compare the vacating condition with the entry condition and make sure the tenants fix up any damages that occurred during the tenancy and also carry out a full bond clean and carpet clean so that the house is ready for the next tenants. 

Lease renewals

We always do our best to retain good, long-term tenants for our clients. Our policy is to start the lease renewal discussion early to allow sufficient time for market appraisal, negotiations and paperwork and, if needed, also secure new tenants before the old tenants vacate. 

Lease renewal is also the perfect time to review the rental price and analyze the market to make sure you are receiving the highest rent possible.